Ron DeSantis Steps up and Takes the Lead on Cuban Crisis

All Cubans unite to show their support to their fellow brothers and sisters struggling for freedom in their former homeland. Americans are in full support and want to help Cubans any way that they can. Except Joe Biden is dragging his feet. He speaks about supporting the people, but his actions tell a different story full of lies and hatred.

Many Americans of Cuban descent have taken to the streets in Florida to show their support. They have been reminded that violent protests are not the American way. But they can unite and rally peacefully in their support of their next-door neighbors.

These people are requesting Florida and the country do something to help all Cubans find freedom. So far, Biden has stayed in his rocking chair and done absolutely nothing but shown support for the Cuban dictator. History has shown that the Democratic Party is more sympathetic to the communist people than they are to their countrymen.

Private boat owners were willing to go and help find the asylum seekers fleeing by make-shift rafts to be brought safely to shore. But Biden’s administration is not supporting that idea. He would rather watch them drown at sea than attempt to rescue them for humanitarian reasons.

The Democratic Party hates life at all stages. Going out of their way to help a struggling person is just too much for them to do. But for the Republican Party helping people is at the core of their political and moral belief system.

Ron DeSantis has done what Biden has failed to do. He has already met with Cuban leaders in the United States in a discussion that focused on the situation in Cuba. He told the truth to these people and even gave Biden a slap on the hand for lying about the cause of the conditions in Cuba. The pandemic has nothing to do with the protests happening in significant regions.

DeSantis had stated that the people were “revolting” against their dictator. And they have every right to want to see the man overthrown. He has done nothing but abused his people and stolen things from them for years.

The American media has already tried to blame DeSantis for not allowing people to protest in Florida violently. But all he has done is reminded them that protesting peacefully is the American way.

The Cuban regime has already shut down internet access to millions of people. They have blocked social media access in an attempt to keep the truth from getting out. But the truth is already known by millions of people around the world. They know that the communist regime is killing people for no reason.

Reports are being circulated that tell that phone lines are being blocked and other communications are being cut to not talk with each other. The government thinks that people must be kept isolated to keep them from rallying together. But they are finding out that there are other methods of communication beyond the technological methods of reaching people.

Ron DeSantis has the idea to combat the shutdown effect by the Cuban regime that American companies can help provide services to Cuba. He stated, “And so one of the things I think we should be able to do with our private companies or with the United States is to provide some of that internet service via satellite. We have companies on the Space Coast that launch these things.”

While Ron DeSantis is trying to help people, the traitorous media is attacking the patriot to help people. The only thing the Democrats know how to do is act violently. They know absolutely nothing about what it means to assemble peacefully.

The liberals are pressuring DeSantis to let the Cubans living in Florida to act out violently. But that would achieve nothing but more hurt, and support for the Cuban people would fall away because they are attacking the wrong source of their misery. For the Cuban people to live free, they must learn to be peaceful towards each other once they have expelled the evil from their shores. And listening to the Democrats will never achieve that goal.


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