Raw Sewage Flood? Sure, It’s California After All

There’s really no shock factor for what happens in California anymore. We expect to see the worst – homelessness, drug cartels, crime, and the list goes on.

Now, we can add raw sewage to the list.

Close to 20 million gallons of raw sewage was released near Playa del Rey. Apparently, the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant is too old and too large for the wastewater that it needs to process. Debris became clogged in the filtering screens, and, well…the plant had to discharge some of the daily load.

One mile offshore, the raw sewage was unloaded. Apparently, 20 million gallons was better than the alternative. It’s only 6% of the daily load. Imagine what 100% of the daily load would have looked like.

The problem is that the untreated sewage was the largest amount to hit the area in over 10 years. And Southern California has already been through this much.

While some people would say that California is trash, it seems that the state wants to take that title to heart and literally offer trash.

California is known for its sunshine and its beaches. About that…LA County Department of Health has issued a public health warning. Residents have been advised not to go swimming near El Segundo Beach or Dockweiler State Beach.

Considering that raw sewage in the water can catch a wave, it would be wise for all of Southern California to stay out of the water.

California may be crappy right now, but it’s crappy all the time – in one way or another. They’ve just decided to make it more so.

Is Gavin Newsom addressing the problem? Not really. He’s still too busy trying not to lose his job since he’s done so many other crappy things to the state. After all, there’s been a lot of money spent trying to keep everyone locked down from the pandemic. The last thing he needs is to be accused of keeping everyone locked down from going to the beaches, too. He’ll most likely stay away from this situation so that he doesn’t get anything (more) on his hands.

Meanwhile, officials at the wastewater treatment plant are investigating the cause of the debris backup and working to repair all of the damaged equipment.

So, are 20 million gallons of sewage really that big of a problem? Well, here’s a fun fact. Hyperion is used to emptying the sewage into the water. The only difference is that it’s five miles from shore and treated. This is only one mile from shore and untreated. It makes a big difference.

There will always be the liberals who decide not to use this as a metaphor, though. They don’t mind swimming around in the crap, especially if they’re the ones that created it. It’s why California will never shift from blue to red ever again. It’s also why there will always be people who vote for the blue. They like the crap. They revel in it, and they don’t see anything wrong with it.

Meanwhile, as climate change activists complain about smog in the air, they’ll turn a blind eye to the raw sewage swimming around in the Pacific.


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