Fauci Finds out Floridians Are Not Fond of the Bidenism Pandemic

The pandemic was a time of darkness for the United States and others around the world. It brought nothing but confusion and death into the lives of all the viruses touched. Americans were pulled away from their loved ones and their jobs and forced to stay at home until such a time could be found that it was safe to venture out again. For many, that time came quickly, but for those living under liberal control, it would take more than a year for their lives to start to come back.

One person in particular that pushed the horrors of lockdown methods and the insanity that would follow is none other than small man Anthony Fauci. He was the one that would fight with Donald Trump about when it would be an excellent time to open the country back up. And he was the one that found a place of importance under the reign of Joe Biden.

Fauci has defied CDC guidelines that have told the country to get back to normal. But Fauci takes to the news and tells people to wear two masks and continue to social distance even after receiving the vaccine. The message he pushes is nothing but fear because his Democratic overlords need people to fear living to continue to control their lives.

Fauci is not as intimidating or convincing of a man that he thinks he is. Ron DeSantis is tired of his lies and has made it his mission to expose the tiny man as the fraud that everyone knows he is.

DeSantis has taken his fight with Fauci to a new level. Anti-Fauci merchandise is now being sold on DeSantis’s website to remind the tiny man that Florida beat the virus differently. There has been no fallout from ignoring the wishes of Anthony Fauci.

One item has the saying, “How the hell am I going to be able to drink beer with a mask on?” This is just one statement that DeSantis made towards the lying medical doctor. The media had made a fuss about the Floridan governor as he attended the Super Bowl, not wearing a mask. He has also made up a t-shirt that says, “Don’t Fauci my Florida.” The wishes of Fauci have become cancer to the country as it tries to open back up and get back to normal.

The beautiful items DeSantis is selling on the website have certainly ticked off many on the left side of the fence. Joy Reid would post a statement supporting Fauci, stating, “Siri: show men an ignorant ghoul….” This was her sad attempt to poke at the governor. Her slam talk just isn’t impressive enough to make an impact like Ron DeSantis’s merchandise is making around the nation.

Fauci has never had anything favorable to say about Republicans or how they handled their states during the pandemic. He could not even bring himself to agree with Donald Trump and would only find a place of comfort under the Biden regime.

Evil Fauci even tried to praise Andrew Cuomo for how he handled the virus and pandemic. Cuomo was found to have killed thousands of people on purpose, but that did not stop crazy Fauci from thinking the Democratic murderer was particular.

DeSantis has stated that “I think now with Fauci’s emails … it’s pretty clear that a lot of this stuff was fly by the seat of your pants guidance. This was not based on hard data.” The tiny doctor stated one thing one week and the complete opposite the next—a spitting image of how the Biden administration seems to operate.

DeSantis also stated that people needed to “chose freedom over ‘Fauci-ism’” that declared the “message for other states and other countries [to] open your states, open your schools, let people live their lives, don’t make them wear masks.”

Fauci in the face of lies to the American people. They cannot trust a word that he says because he constantly contradicts himself and has even been found to have a hand in developing the virus. He is just a man that cannot be trusted.


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