Facebook Has Been Taken Over by the Leftist Regime

Facebook Has Been Taken Over by the Leftist Regime

During the 2020 election cycle, it was highly suspected that the Democratic Party had taken over social media platforms. They were used to censor conservatives from telling the truth about the motives behind the liberal’s hostile takeover of the country. One by one, the platforms deleted and blocked conservatives from revealing truthful information about their liberal bosses.

Joe Biden could not afford to have his past engagements told all over the world. His corrupt background with his sons and family would have cost him a hijacked election.

Once they had control of the social media platforms, they would control the American people’s ability to communicate quickly and in real-time. And now that they have that control, they seek to take their newfound power to new levels.

Jen Psaki is the mouth behind the monster. She has to tell the world what Biden and regime are planning on doing next. Psaki took to the microphone and stated that Biden and his cohorts are planning on using the social media giant Facebook to monitor what people are posting about the White House.

It will be up to Facebook and the guidelines given to them by Biden to flag posts that are “problematic.” What defines posts that are “problematic” will be left up to liberal interpretation. Conservatives will be held captive and censored on a first designed platform to promote freedom of speech.

Psaki stated that “We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” The Democrats have used the coronavirus to cover their grabs for power. And now they seek to censor the truth of how the virus got its start in the world. Biden does not want any information getting out about the truth of how communist China unleashed the horrors of death on the world.

Biden has found a way to censor the truth just like communist China does to their people. Contrary to what the Democrats may state about freedom, they only seek to limit and control people at the most basic level of human existence.

The sick part about their push for power is that Surgeon General Vivek Murphy wants to sue violators of the new rules punished severely. And so far, there has been no mention of what those punishments would look like.

Communist China has been known to make people disappear. Nothing is stopping the Democrats from adapting punishment ideas from their favorite communist allies.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. He sent a message to Anthony Fauci and offered his help in censoring and providing private information to law enforcement about people that tried to post things contrary to the accepted version of the origin of coronavirus. And to the nation’s surprise, they have been censoring Americans for over a year.

Facebook released a statement that said, “Facebook will no longer take down posts claiming that Covid-19 was man-made or manufactured, a company spokesperson told POLITICO on Wednesday, a move that acknowledges the renewed debate about the virus’ origins.”

People want to know where the virus came from and why it was released into the world. Facebook is changing its stance on the issue. After all, they know once the truth is let out that people will stop using their services because they tried to hide the truth. The power of the dollar will force the giant to tell the truth.

One report noted that “Since January 2020, Facebook has removed hundreds of posts about Wuhan coronavirus, citing ‘misinformation’ pointed out by ‘fact checkers.’ Dr. Fauci was falsely downplaying the lab leak theory, the media called it a conspiracy theory and Facebook, using Fauci as an ‘authoritative’ source, engaged in censorship on the topic.”

Fauci has already been shown that he had dealings with the development and release of the virus. He secretly authorized the funding of the program to develop China’s killer virus. Fauci went against rules that banned the research. And yet, he will never be punished with prison time because his bosses are liberal communists.

Joe Biden and his social media police are targeting Americans and trying to eliminate free speech. His attempts to turn America into the next Cuba will never be accepted because people love to live free.


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