Joe Biden Becomes Bold Faced Liar as He Says Inflation Is Temporary

Joe Biden has once again spoken lies to the American people and denied the reality of his choices on behalf of the American people. He came on national news and admitted that he believes inflation is temporary and everything will soon return to a state of record lows. He denies that today’s inflation rate is a direct result of the terrible policies that his administration has poured out on the American people.

The inflation rate is a staggering 5.4 percent. It is well beyond what is considered an average year-to-year rate. The past month has seen the most significant increase in nearly a decade. Economist forecasters are astounded that the rate of increase has outpaced their estimates.

Biden’s economic actions of canceling key projects and over-regulating commerce and power supplies have led to massive increases in inflation. Commodities that were once affordable have increased dramatically to the point that no one can afford to make the purchase. The only thing missing from Biden’s increase is $15 bread.

Biden looked at the numbers and chose to ignore them. An action that he has repeatedly engaged in since taking office. He stated that “Our experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we’ve seen were expected and are expected to be temporary. Reality is you can’t flip the global economic light back on and not expect this to happen. As demand returns, there’s going to be global supply chain challenges.”

Biden needs to know that no one has confidence in his experts. They continue to get things wrong and push a political narrative that essentially enhances his thirst for power. He thinks that global demand is the reason for higher prices. But the truth is that he has killed off so many jobs that there are not enough workers to meet supply and demand.

Biden claims that his office is doing everything it can to fix the issue. But sadly, his efforts continue to fall short. Biden tried to state that “I want to be clear. My administration understands if we were to experience unchecked inflation over the long-term, that would pose a real challenge to our economy. So, while we’re confident that isn’t what we’re seeing today, we’re going to remain vigilant about any response that is needed.”

No one is holding their breath with his words. The country knows that he is lying, and the words he speaks are not his own. Biden and his administration have no regard for the way they are spending money. They do not understand that their actions are affecting things all over the world.

Donald Trump worked hard to lower prices and keep inflation from getting out of control. He had it so well maintained that the markets all over the world were profiting from American commerce. But as soon as Biden took over, things took a downhill turn.

David Folkers-Landau is an economist, and he stated that “It is no exaggeration to say that we are departing from neoliberalism and that the days of the new-liberal policies that begun in the Reagan era are clearly fading in the rearview mirror. The effects of this shift are being compounded by political turmoil in the US and deeply worrying geopolitical risks.”

Biden is all in it for himself. He wants to bring the world to its knees so he can profit from the instability. It only shows that he is nothing more than a puppet in a worldwide game of greedy liberals. They are all seeking their way and are willing to mess with lives to get what they want.

The sick Biden administration is a group of people filled with hot air. They cannot be trusted to do what is right in the interests of the country. They promised all sorts of things during the election but only turned their backs on the people because they got the power they were looking for.

The proof that they do not care about America is found in the expensive bill they are trying to pass through the Senate. The bill is pointless and filled with personal wish lists from greedy liberals who want the American people to pay for their lavish lifestyles.


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