And Nobody Is Paying Attention! Biden Praises Friend and KKK Leader in CNN Town Hall (Video)

When Trump was president, every single one of his connections was examined as closely as possible. Joe Biden’s connections are not as closely examined, to say the least. Meanwhile, he is out here giving shout-outs to the worst type of people, without any scrutiny whatsoever.

Despite these unsavory affiliations, Senator Robert Byrd was able to become a top Democrat in the United States Senate for decades. This goes to show you how much this matters to the Democrats. They are the same people who act like every GOP member is closely tied in with the Ku Klux Klan.

Biden’s got actual KKK leaders for friends, though. “When I got to the United States Senate at a time when we had guys like Jim Eastland, and Strom Thurmond, and Robert F. Byrd and a whole range of people who were very, very, very, very, very, very conservative on race, to say the least,” said Biden. This one is pretty funny to us.

Why are these men being pawned off on the Republicans all of a sudden? He’s wasting the final moments of lucidity that he has left on this silliness and it’s sad to see. He needs to take responsibility for the Democratic racism since he claims to care so much about this under normal circumstances.

This is how Joe talks when he is not going through serious bouts of dementia. The Democrats would probably prefer that he remain silent if these are the kinds of things that he is going to say. Byrd believed in the sort of racism that would make any sane American blanch but it is okay because he is a friend of Biden.

This is one of Sleepy Joe’s biggest weaknesses. He likes to think that he can bend people to his will with the force of his friendship. He tries to befriend everyone and come up with his own little nicknames for them but that disguises his true intent. He wants to be able to pal around with racists without going through the same sort of scrutiny that Trump experienced.

If Trump had been seen giving shout-outs to KKK leadership, we already know what would have happened there. The mainstream media would have been all over his case, the calls for impeachment would have been ringing far and wide and the whole thing would have become quite the spectacle. We’re sorry for all of the ‘would have’ statements but even those who sit on the left side of the aisle can probably agree with this one.

Organizations like the KKK are a pox on the American experience and they need to be rooted out at all costs. Instead, Biden offers his tacit approval and gives plentiful shout-outs. This would be infuriating enough by itself but when the Democrats are the party who likes to claim that they have everyone’s best interests at heart? It is definitely frustrating to watch.

They are against racism in all of its forms until they are asked to take a serious look at their own connections. Once these questions start to arise, they deflect and they blame others for even having the temerity to ask. It’s enough to make one wonder what else Biden is hiding beneath his layer of incompetence. We shudder to think about what this man is saying behind closed doors. He and Harris’ conversations are going to be exposed to the world at some point because this is what always happens.

Everything that is done in the dark will eventually come to light. This might sound like a cliche but that’s the thing about cliches….they always endure because there is a sizable amount of truth to them. Biden has all of the fire and brimstone for anyone who is affiliated with Trump but where’s his gumption when it comes to his own unsavory associations? That’s right, you guessed it, it is absolutely nonexistent.


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