Biden Learned Nothing from Clinton with an Email Scandal of His Own

Aren’t Democrats supposed to stick together? Once one does something really stupid, they’re not supposed to follow suit. It’s as if one tests the waters and turns back to tell everyone else not to do it.

Hillary Clinton either didn’t pass it on that using a private email account was a bad idea or Joe Biden simply didn’t get the message.

Either way, Joe Biden should have known better. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was huge. It may have even cost her the presidential election in 2016.

More information is coming out about Biden’s own private email scandal. He thought it would be okay to have another email address – one that didn’t belong to the government. And, he thought it would be okay to use that email to not only talk with his son Hunter but also share government documents with him.

Hunter Biden’s laptop has been the source of quite a bit of information – and that includes emails that shows Joe Biden was using a private email account. Hunter had received quite a few emails that were sent from the State Department.

If all of the emails were personal in nature, it could be chalked up to wanting a bit of privacy. However, many of the emails were political in nature.

Why, exactly, did Joe Biden, the sitting VP at the time, feel it necessary to forward his son information that came from senior officials in the White House and other government agencies?

Hunter Biden has never held a government position. He would have no need for such information.

Oh, but wait…

Hunter Biden just happened to be serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, at the time. VP Biden was also serving point on Ukraine matters for the Obama administration. This all seems to be quite a coincidence.

We already know that Joe Biden used his role as VP to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired in 2016 because he was investigating the corruption within Burisma. Should Biden have done that? Absolutely not. And the fact that he bragged about it and held $1 billion of U.S. money as hostage for a quid pro quo shows that he thinks that he’s invincible.

The private email account, though, shows that Joe Biden has been lying. He’s obviously discussed various matters with his son – otherwise, there’d be no need to forward emails from the White House to him.

The private email address that belongs to Joe Biden was confirmed by a few senior Obama administration officials that knew about it. They said that it was often used to communicate with family and friends as well as to pass on information.

Tony Blinken, the current Secretary of State, has said that he was also aware of the private email account.

Seriously, people? Have we learned nothing from Hillary Clinton? There are all of these people saying that they knew that Biden had a private email address and no one thought to speak up because of how it could violate federal law.

All private account emails had to be forwarded to a government account per the Presidential Records Act. It won’t be long, however, before people can begin filing Freedom of Information Act requests to see such emails.

Will it cost Biden his presidency? Probably not. After all, Clinton was still allowed to run for president although she had violated multiple federal laws. The Democrats may not learn from one another but they do protect each other. Biden should have learned from Clinton. However, he had to protect his son – and the reason that he needed to protect his son is why Biden shouldn’t even be the sitting president right now.


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