GOP Couldn’t Set Louisiana Straight on Boys Playing in Girls Sports

We have to be realistic about what it means for boys planning in girls’ sports. Yes, transgender individuals get rights. However, there has to be a line where we talk about fairness.

For a biological male to play on a sports team against biological females is preposterous. It doesn’t matter whether that biological male now uses female pronouns and “identifies” as a female. The biological composition doesn’t change.

All across the country, there have been legal battles to determine whether it’s okay for transgender girls (biological males) to play in girls’ sports. So far, the GOP has been winning the battle – especially as many transgender athletes have spoken up to say that they do have an inherent advantage.

Ahh, but things in Louisiana aren’t quite that simple. Governor John Bel Edwards decided to veto the legislation that would protect female student-athletes. What does that mean? The governor believes that female students should have to compete with transgender females, even though there is plenty of science to support that they would be overpowered.

The Louisiana Senate was able to override the legislation. However, the measure failed in the House.

The Senate was able to succeed with both parties on board – a vote of 26-12. They figured they had the votes that they needed to make it happen in the House, too. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get enough of the Democrats on board, so the vote came in at 68-30 – just two shy of what they needed to override the veto.

As a CBS affiliate, WWL reported on the vote, “The motion’s failure is a significant blow to Republican-led efforts to enact the new law in a historic veto session that has seen no bill rejections overturned so far.”

There are quite a few problems with the new legislation.

Edwards and others believe that the legislation will discriminate against transgender athletes. There’s the belief that they are protected against Title IX that no person shall be excluded from participation in any activity or educational program that receives federal financial assistance based on sex.

This is where things get a bit dicey. The athletes aren’t being told that they cannot compete – they’re being told that they cannot compete against biological female athletes. They can compete on the men’s team against biological male athletes.

However, a male who identifies as a female doesn’t want to compete on the men’s team. They find it demeaning. So, biological women are simply expected to welcome these members onto their team, knowing that they will never win.

Biological men are stronger and faster. It’s why there are so many differences between male and female sports. There are various compensations made for women due to biological differences.

With the GOP losing the battle in Louisiana, it could change the way that female sports are forever played. Soon, there won’t be any biological females playing sports. Why? There will always be a transgender woman who is stronger and faster. It means that biological females won’t win scholarships, they won’t be able to make the teams, and soon, biological women will be pushed out of sports entirely. After all, why play if there’s no chance of you ever winning?


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