DeSantis is Going National with His Big Mouth and Big Ideas

If Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida, shouldn’t he be sticking to Florida donors? Not necessarily. It turns out that his big mouth and big ideas have earned him Republican fans across the nation.

DeSantis assumed the title of governor in January 2019. The four-year term is up in 2023, which means that he’ll need all of the fundraising help that he can get to help with his reelection campaign.

Any connections that he can make are important. And while he’s still focused on governing Florida, he’s not ruling out any opportunities to run for president down the road. Right now, though, he’ll tell you that talk like that only takes away from his current focus: maintaining the position of governor.

DeSantis has decided to take a national stage. Instead of staying on home turf in Florida, he’s schmoozing with donors in California – including San Diego, a GOP center in an otherwise liberal state.

It makes sense that he’s taking his fundraising campaign on the road. He has managed to rise to national notoriety because of his aggressive approach to COVID. He’s also not the kind of guy to back down when he knows something is off. As for social media trying to block candidates and individuals, he’s willing to go to battle against the tech companies.

The elections are in 2022. He’s got a lot of work to do between now and then to prove that he’s the right guy for the job – and he’ll need money if he’s going to fight effectively. And, if his tour helps him to cultivate national donors, that will only help him in the event he chooses to make a 2024 presidential bid.

Six reelection fundraising events will be held throughout Southern California as well as Las Vegas over the next week. After that, he has plans to bring his fundraising tour to the northeast.

Many high-dollar events are being hosted by Republican Party donors so that they can size up the next generation of party leaders. DeSantis has definitely made that list. Many have praised him for his policies regarding the lockdown during COVID-19 (or the lack thereof). Many are happy to write five, six, and seven-figure checks to him for his 2022 campaign.

Since the prospect of a Trump comeback bid is up in the air for 2024, many are happy to hedge their bets with DeSantis. They want to see what he does with another few years as governor. If he does well, he may just have to leave his office early to pursue a presidential bid.

There are quite a few similarities between the way DeSantis is doing things to the way that former President George W. Bush did things. Leading up to his gubernatorial campaign, he courted donors outside of his home state. Then, he developed the national finance network that allowed him to make his presidential bid only two years later.

A former Bush political adviser, Scott Jennings, explained “DeSantis is very smart to use his reelection and his national ascendancy to travel the country, raising money and building a network that could serve him well in 2022 and beyond.”

It turns out that DeSantis hasn’t just been delivering lip service to Floridians. He believes in his messages. He’s prepared to fight anyone that stands in the way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He’s also not afraid to focus on important things, even if Biden has turned a blind eye – such as the issue in Cuba.

He’s proven to Floridians that he cares about their freedom. He wants people to get vaccinated but he doesn’t want to keep anyone masked for longer than necessary.

Unfortunately, he has stiff competition from Democrats during his reelection. Nikki Fried, the state’s Agricultural Commissioner, is looking to take control and obtain the female vote. Meanwhile, Representative Charlie Crist switched parties a few years back and wants to make a comeback, this time as a Democratic governor.

DeSantis has been dubbed as “America’s Governor” within the fundraiser circuit. He’s setting a precedent for how other Republicans need to fight the battles against the Biden administration, the CDC, and Democrats in general. Attendees at some of the events are being asked to spend as much as $100,000 as an entry fee.

This Florida governor is on a roll. If he can win his reelection campaign, there’s no telling what he’ll end up winning in the future.


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