Hypocrisy Anyone! Washington’s Dem Mayor Parties Without Mask After Forcing Everyone Else to Mask Up – Again

We can already hear the liberals trying their best to defend this snafu. In fact, we know exactly what they are going to say here. They will tell you that no rules were being broken here, at least in the most technical sense possible. However, given the current circumstances? Her actions may be even worse than that!

On Thursday, Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a new indoor mask magnate for Washington, DC. The case counts remain low there but since there was a slight rise, the Democrats are wasting no time implementing more rules. The liberals can say that they were just following the current guidance from the CDC.

The city was on the verge of hitting a statistical threshold that indicates “substantial transmission”, which forced Bowser’s hand. No chances were going to be taken and now, all residents are being asked to mask up when they are indoors. Of course, these rules did not apply to Bowser herself.

Why would she have to take any precautions? She’s a Democrat! A picture of her in a white dress standing alongside superstar comedian Dave Chappelle circulated on social media and none of the people in the photo were bothering to wear their masks. This is the part where we point out the obvious…

Isn’t this against the rules? No, because as you are about to find out, Bowser found a way to work around the new rules. The new mandate was announced on Thursday and was not slated to take effect until 5 a.m. two days later. That’s interesting, to say the least.

Near as we can tell, Bowser clearly delayed the mask mandates so that she could have a birthday party. The “party of science” did not seem to care about giving the virus another two days to circulate freely. If your stated goal is to keep a new wave from having the chance to build up any momentum, why would anyone possibly make this type of decision?

It’s selfish to say the least and it makes us wonder if mask mandates are even needed at all at the moment. If you’re going to make these decisions, they need to be made immediately. Otherwise, you risk looking foolish when everyone figures out the obvious. In our minds, this is even worse than her breaking the rules.

Mistakes have been known to happen but purposefully writing the rules so that you can do whatever you want? That’s lower than low. We would say that Bowser should be ashamed but we know that the Democrats are incapable of feeling any. The counterargument is a simple one: she and her guests had some leeway when it came to ventilation, as they were in close proximity to a massive sliding window.

On the other hand, they are claiming that the Delta variant is far more transmissible than the original variant. So why would Bowser open the door for a continued spread like this? The risk of infection is said to be higher, even when we are in enclosed spaces. These people all shared the same air but we are supposed to pretend that the guests were not putting anyone at risk.

The mainstream media says that this variant is as transmissible as chickenpox but there are plenty of photos of Bowser cheek to cheek with her guests, nary a mask in sight. This new wave is so terrifying that D.C. residents have to mask up indoors again but not too terrifying for Bowser to enjoy a birthday party.

It’s the type of logic that only makes sense if you are the type of person who lives to carry the water for the Democrats. Bowser wanted to toast to her special occasion and hang out with Dave Chappelle so the rules were made with that in mind. We are beyond disgusted by what is taking place right now and you should be as well.


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