Fauci Claims No Lockdown in Sight…Can We Believe Him?

It’s hard to believe Dr. Fauci when he talks about anything. When he opens his mouth, lies come out. He’s been known to reverse his comments only months after saying them.

Now, Dr. Fauci has said that things will be getting worse with the surge of the delta variant of COVID-19.

Exactly how much worse? After all, the CDC has already reversed its recommendations, leaving many cities and states to reestablish mask mandates, regardless of vaccine status.

When Dr. Fauci spoke on “This Week” with anchor Jon Karl on ABC, there was the need for a bit of understanding. Karl asked what every American has been wondering – are we headed toward lockdowns and businesses shutting down once more?

Fauci responded in a way that didn’t offer a lot of confidence or comfort. He explained, “ I don’t think we’re going to see lockdowns. I think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country, not enough to crush the outbreak, but I believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter.”

There are a lot of things about his response that should leave people panicking.

For one reason or another, the Biden administration has proven that they’ll listen to anything that Dr. Fauci says. They’ll listen to an 80-year-old immunologist who, honestly, should have retired a decade ago. However, because he’s serving in the capacity of director to the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Biden has also made him his chief medical advisor.

Fauci doesn’t think we will be seeing lockdowns…but he’s not ruling them out.

He doesn’t believe we have seen a high enough percentage of people affected…but he’s not ruling it out.

It’s hard to accept anything that Dr. Fauci says given his track record. After all, this is the same guy that told us in March of 2020 that we wouldn’t need to be wearing masks. Then, we were all required to wear masks.

We were also told that we would need to go into lockdown for just three weeks. Then, lockdown lasted for almost an entire year.

Fauci goes on to share that things are going to get worse. He explains how the seven-day average of COVID cases is going up around the country. He also points out that there are 100 million people in the U.S. who are eligible to get vaccinated – but have chosen not to for one reason or another.

So, he’s pointing out that the reason that things are going to get worse is that there are still too many people who aren’t vaccinated. Okay, but…if we’re supposed to trust the vaccinations are effective, why are the vaccinated being penalized by having to wear masks?

It’s no surprise that Dr. Fauci is the chief medical advisor to the president. Neither one of them make sense. They talk in constant contradiction of themselves, making it impossible to sort out what’s going on and what needs to be done about it.

The reality is that Dr. Fauci can’t guarantee that we won’t go into lockdowns again. He and the rest of the fear-mongers in DC are overreacting to the delta variant. And if the delta variant does take down some of those without the COVID vaccine, we could, in fact, get locked down just like we were in 2020. Why? The Dems love to control us more than they like to protect us.


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