Liberals Finding out That Taking Down the Second Amendment Is Not As Easy as They Thought

The Second Amendment is one of the most significant parts of the freedoms that all Americans have. The right to bear arms and have the means to defend against evil is vital to the survival of a Republic. The Democrats know if they are to take over the country, they must first deal with the right to bear arms. Failure to do so will only mean their destruction in the end.

Every chance they get, they attack this vital freedom. Every shooting that fits their dialogue and narrative is thrown across the airways like it is the end of the world. Something must be done sits at the heart of every report and story.

The liberals march into the House and the Senate chambers demanding change. They want stricter laws and even abolishment of the law altogether. Their deep dark need for power spews to the surface as the debate rages, and liberals’ states tighten their belts against gun ownership.

The Democrats have their victories in blue states, but two significant cases were destroyed in court as the Second Amendment was upheld and enforced this time around. One judge in Hawaii ruled the state’s gun laws were unconstitutional, and another in Pennsylvania stopped the state from enacting anti-firearm zones around a gun club.

John Seabright is the Chief Judge of the United States Court for the District of Hawaii. He toppled two of the state’s prized gun laws by mentioning that the ten-day waiting period after a purchase and police inspections violated the Second Amendment. The blow to the Democrat’s path to dominance was shattered at that moment.

Stephen D. Stamboulieh was part of the legal team in Hawaii that beat the Democrats at their own game. He mentioned that anyone looking to buy a gun had a 14-day waiting period. Once that time was up, they had ten days to buy the gun. They had to make another trip within five days to take the gun to the police station. This way, the gun was registered with the police, which the seller was supposed to do by law.

The liberals have so many hoops for people to jump through that no one wants to make an effort. The state failed to provide any reason why the extra time was needed. And they could not prove why doubling up efforts to report the sale to the police was necessary. Stamboulieh would say that “My clients are two normal dudes that don’t want to take off a bunch of work to exercise a fundamental right.”

The judge stated that “The Government has failed to show that the in-person inspection and registration requirement is reasonably tailored to a significant, substantial, or important government interest.” The liberals love regulations and extra red tape. Most people do not want to deal with the trouble of buying a firearm. The only interest that they had was selfishness. They want to control people without the threat of retaliation.

Pennsylvania tried to squeeze out a gun club by surrounding it with no gun zones. People seeking to come to the club had to navigate a care pathway to keep violating certain zones. The intent was to make it so hard to go to the club that they would up and move away.

When challenged in court, the lower court went with the liberals. The three-judge court all agreed that “we hold that the Township’s ordinance implicates the right to bear arms and must therefore face heightened scrutiny.” But the appeals court stated that the state failed to prove its point and must go at it again to prove its burden.

The fight for the Second Amendment continues as the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could change things for a long time. But until that time, the state of Hawaii will continue to be the worst in the Union for the right to bear arms. And Pennsylvania will continue to try and squash gun use, regulating where they can be carried. The Republican Party favors fun ownership, and it is time for them to win back the legislature so freedom can still be accessible.


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