Fauci’s 2022 COVID Timeline is Another Stake in the Democratic Coffin

People are eager to see their lives return to normal. Ask any American – this is a universal desire. How we’re going to get there is where we start to disagree.

The Democrats are losing voters because they want to be fear-mongers. They want to play to the idea of Dooms Day. People can only hear so much negativity before they give up on their leaders.

First, the Democrats caused Americans to lose confidence in them because of the talk of socialism. As AOC and the rest of her squad talked about socialism constantly, the Democratic Party lost seats in both the House and Senate.

Then, people lost faith in Democratic leadership when there were cries of defunding the police. Crime surged and people wanted to see law enforcement officers on the scene to reduce the number of criminals on the streets.

Now, Biden’s chief medical advisor Dr. Fauci is talking about the COVID fight continuing into 2022.

But wait…didn’t so many people elect Joe Biden because he promised to end the pandemic? He swore up and down that he could do a better job of eradicating the coronavirus than Donald Trump. Yet, now Dr. Fauci is saying that the COVID timeline is most certainly going to extend into next year.

Fauci explains that the pandemic will not be under control until next spring. Oh, and for that to even happen, vaccine skeptics will need to change their minds and roll up a sleeve.

Hmmm. Biden told us that he would triumph over COVID and that the economy would bounce back as soon as the pandemic was under control. Looks like that’s not going to be happening…

The Democratic Party is in trouble over this. Biden said that he’d handle it – and he’s clearly not. As the Delta variant is causing COVID numbers to climb across the country, it’s going to demoralize the public.

Those who got the vaccine are going to wonder why they did it if it’s not protecting them and not allowing life to get back to normal. Meanwhile, those who remain unvaccinated are not going to see the need to get poked if it’s not going to help the situation.

This isn’t news to the Dems, either. They know that Dr. Fauci’s news is not going to help them. It’s another stake in the proverbial political coffin because people want to see things getting better, not worse.

Biden’s approval ratings are falling. Public confidence has dropped as people don’t believe that he can manage the country, let alone a global pandemic.

One of the reasons why Biden is flailing is because Dr. Fauci doesn’t know how to look on the Brightside. He doesn’t know how to be a glass-half-full kind of guy. So, all we hear is the bad news. Then, when you combine that with Biden celebrating an early victory on July 4, it leaves Americans with a sour outlook on the future.

Most Americans expected things to be back to normal by now. After all, Biden encouraged everyone to be hopeful. Wear a mask and things will be back in no time. Get vaccinated and we’ll be back to normal.

We wore masks. We got vaccinated. Where’s the normalcy, Joe?

Biden is failing on every level. If the Democrats want to have any hope of salvaging their reign, they’ll need to silence Fauci and Biden. Since that won’t happen, it is likely going to strengthen the Republicans in the interim election.


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