Californians Lose Hope of Saving Newsom Since Trump Isn’t Around

Californians are struggling to get people to get to the polls. They have to vote on whether to keep Governor Gavin Newsom around or to recall him and replace him with one of over 50 candidates.

No one wants to go to the polls, though.

Wait, during the presidential election, everyone was racing to the polls. What’s the problem, now?

Well, during the presidential election, the state wanted to come together as one giant liberal force to say ‘no’ to Donald Trump. Since Trump isn’t around for Californians to hate on, it seems that no one really cares whether Newsom stays or goes.

Trump was the motivating factor for so many to head to the polls.

Even in 2018 when President Trump was in office, record numbers of Californians showed up to elect Governor Gain Newsom into office. They wanted to make sure that if they didn’t have a Democrat as President, they at least had one as Governor.

Now, it seems that without a common enemy to battle against, voters in the state are taking a hands-off approach.

Let him stay, let him go, replace him, or don’t replace him…voters just aren’t turning out to the polls. Yet, they’ll care if more Republicans head to the polls to not only recall Newsom but also replace him with a Republican. Yet, then, it will be too late to do anything.

According to a Berkeley-IGS survey, the Democratic and independent voters of CA were 30% less likely to vote in the recall election than the Republicans. This means that Californians across the state are losing hope of saving Newsom.

Why should they save Gavin Newsom, though? Right now, the man is so arrogant that he’s not even addressing his constituents with reasons to keep him. He believes that the election will go in his favor.

Meanwhile, he has people like Nancy Pelosi campaigning for him – and when there’s an outdated politician lobbying for you, it’s never really a good thing.

He caused the state to lockdown for entirely too long.

He violated his own mask mandates.

He’s bankrupted the state.

Oh, and he’s causing the entire state to burn uncontrollably with wildfires.

Though the Democratic former mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, still has faith that Newsom will be able to pull a victory out of his hat in the end. He acknowledges that it will be close and explains, “it’s going to be very, very close because Republicans are animated, and we’re not.”

It’s funny how the Californians, for the most part, don’t like Donald Trump. Yet, their love to hate him is what keeps them united and focused on the various tasks at hand for their state.

Since Trump isn’t on the ballot, they’re not able to care enough to come out to the polls.

It’s sad when you think about it. There are millions of people in CA – and they don’t really care who their governor is.

Some of the Republicans that Newsom could be replaced by include Caitlyn Jenner and Larry Elder.

So, if the voters don’t care who their governor is, they really shouldn’t mind if a Republican steps into office. Yet, if they do, the state is likely to rally around the idea that it was Trump’s fault for a Republican governor instead of taking ownership for the loss.


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