SKY News Is Saying out Loud What We All Are Thinking: “Biden Cannot Survive Fallout of Historic Afghanistan Disaster” (Video)

Curtin University Professor Joe Siracusa spoke with Sky News over the weekend and he is vocalizing our thoughts right now. The Biden presidency is going to struggle to survive this disaster, that is for sure. In Siracusa’s mind, the Biden presidency is essentially done for. Siracusa was not all fire and brimstone, either.

He said that Biden handled it as gracefully as possible but that the operation turned out to be rather messy. This is a fairly charitable interpretation. “And now he’s angered 60 percent of the American people for not doing it properly. At the end of all this is that I think Biden has lost his credibility and I think the Biden presidency is finished – he can’t survive this,” Professor Siracusa shared.

Whether he is able to remain president remains to be seen. There have been a lot of gaffes during the first few months of this presidency. We can’t lie, we did not think that he would be able to survive the first month. The fact that Biden is still president is a minor upset.

We were given the false hope that Trump would get reinstated this month but that milestone seems to have come and gone. The nation is stuck with Biden at the moment and Siracusa’s words reflect that. There’s a certain resignation in his words that cannot be mistaken. He knows that this presidency is not going to end unless something even worse happens.

In essence, Siracusa is being left to wonder with the rest of us. On one hand, it is comforting to see academics doing their best to make peace with the current state of affairs. On the other hand, it is somewhat terrifying. This man clearly does not think that Biden is the best man for the job but he is going to shrug his shoulders and allow it.

We have said this already but Biden never should have been allowed to become president in the first place. He was already showing signs of dementia before he took office and he also had credible accusations of sexual assault. That did not matter to any of the liberals.

These are the same liberals that were monitoring Trump for signs of mental decline and they were also the first to jump all over his case over some locker room talk. Sky News makes a good point about Biden needing to step down but they are also neglecting the fact that he never should have been given this chance in the first place.

That’s the part that we are struggling to get over the most. This was all so avoidable. We did not have to endure this terrible presidency but now we are stuck with him. Hopefully, this nightmare is over now. It’s like every day comes with a new set of worries. The level of anxiety that we feel as a result of Joe Biden’s efforts is hard to calculate but it’s like a constant, nagging concern that exists in the back of our minds.

We appreciate this professor’s sentiments, that is for sure. Once you really stop to think about it, another question starts to emerge. Where are we possibly going to go from here? Biden has proven his incompetency over and over again. How many more times do we have to watch him screw up on the biggest stages before he is given the hook? Even Kamala Harris would probably do a better job than Biden can at this point.

Anyone who thinks otherwise has not been watching very closely over the past few months. Even professors who reside in foreign countries are watching what has happened here and they do not know what to make of it. Biden gets the benefit of the doubt in a number of instances but one day all of that luck is going to run out for him. That’s something that we can all see, clear as day.


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