Cue the Racism and Senility as Biden Attends FEMA Briefing

It’s one thing for someone to have a slip of the tongue periodically. However, President Biden is a consistent embarrassment to our country. He gets confused, he speaks unintelligibly, and he’s racist.

We’ve seen how he handled politics for decades. We haven’t forgotten that he was in favor of segregated busing. We haven’t forgotten how he awkwardly sniffs the hair of little girls.

He’s a monster, really and truly.

The Biden administration can’t hide him away like a dark secret because of his position. So, they let him out, hoping beyond hope that he doesn’t embarrass them.

Well, Bumbling Biden strikes again.

Biden attended a FEMA briefing on how Hurricane Ida devastated parts of the country. He notes that he’s with FEMA Director Criswell and that his senior advisor, Cedric Richmond is with him.

If Biden had said that, no one would have an issue. However, he introduced his advisor as “a boy who knows Louisiana very, very well.”


So, is he a boy because he’s black? Is he a boy because he’s younger than Biden? This is a grown adult with a college education being referred to as a boy. It’s not only insulting but racist.

The moment the camera is on Biden, though, we see how he struggles to form words. For the first 30 seconds, he says “uh” more times than anyone should ever say in their lifetime. It’s a cringe-worthy display of just how inept the president really is. At the last minute, he finally remembered the FEMA chief’s name, but you can tell that he was struggling to remember that tidbit of information.

Now, many of Biden’s supporters will claim that Biden has struggled with stuttering all his life. That’s fine – but that can’t be used to defend him in this speech. For years, Biden spoke without the constant stammering. Now, within the past year, we’ve seen how far he’s fallen – and it’s why so many people are talking about the 25th amendment.

We really have to wonder whether Biden is capable of being the president. With racist comments and a complete inability to speak coherently, it continues to make the United States look bad.

We have enough problems with international relations. We don’t need a bumbling idiot as a president to add to those problems.

Biden struggles with the mental requirements of the job, pure and simple. Seconds before going live on CNN, he was likely briefed with the FEMA director’s name. If he can’t retain that information for a full minute, we’re doomed as a country.

And using “boy” to describe Richmond is just…wow. Of course, he could have meant it in the “boy, he knows a lot” kind of way. However, it came out and it didn’t sound good and it’s just another reason to show that Biden doesn’t even think about what he says before it comes out.

Biden’s likely not trying to be a racist. It just comes out. And why does the president make racist comments without thinking about it? Well, that’s when the subject of senility comes about. He lacks the filter that he needs to be professional and political because his mental capacities are failing him day by day.

President Biden has become the embarrassing uncle that America is trying to hide but keeps coming out to say whatever is on his mind. It’s time we ban this uncle once and for all…


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