Watch What Happened When This Iraq War Veteran Stood up in a Red Lobster and Asked “Who Voted for Biden?”

The manner in which Joe Biden has chosen to remove our troops from Afghanistan has ticked a lot of people off. The troops themselves are livid. Those who have served in the past are not happy and we understand where they are coming from. The Democrat party, in their infinite wisdom, has chosen to keep deflecting.

Biden is already in the running for biggest failure in the history of the US presidency. In his mind, there are two pressing issues that face the nation today. He wants to make sure that anyone who participated in the January 6th Capitol protests is arrested and brought to justice.

He also wants to make sure that any American who is looking to learn more about how the election was stolen away from Trump is punished. In his feeble mind, these are the two groups that have to be taken to task. It’s ridiculous, to say the least. He needs to remove his head from his sphincter and realize that there are much larger issues at hand.

While it seems to have taken quite a while, Americans are finally beginning to catch onto the fact that Biden and the Democrats do not care about them at all. They are a deceitful party and there is no real reason to trust them in the slightest. They pretend to be the kind party who cares but we all know the real truth here.

The mainstream media and Big Tech are in on the grifting because they benefit from it immensely. It is easy to see why they are always ready to play along. That’s what makes stories like these so important. An Iraqi War veteran decided to put people’s loyalty to Biden to the test. It is safe to say that he did not exactly pass that test with flying colors.

“Who voted for him?” the veteran asked. One of the customers had the best possible response: “He doesn’t need anyone to vote for him—It’s all the dead people!” That one got a big laugh out of us, we cannot lie. The conversation continued from there and things only get more interesting.

“No, he doesn’t—He doesn’t need anyone to vote for him,” the vet replies. The woman who is taking the video seems to be finding it all very funny but things take a more serious turn. Once the veteran started talking about all of the blood that is on Joe Biden’s hands, it wasn’t so funny anymore.

“We, as American people, should stand up right now! F— this! he said. It’s unbelievable! We lost 11 Americans today!” he exclaimed. The Red Lobster customers were treated to more words of wisdom from this wise man and we are here for it. “I’m a veteran,” he told the customers who were gathered at the restaurant. “I went over in 2008, and I fought against Islamic terrorism,” he continued.

“Words can’t describe my feelings,” he said, as he began to lose his composure. You can tell that this speech is deeply meaningful to the veteran, who is unable to hold back the tears. The other customers start to file up to him and tell him that they are thankful for his service. “Bring Trump back! Bring Trump back!” the veteran chants. This is a chant that we can get behind.

The rant got a lot of traction on Twitter, for obvious reasons. People loved seeing this veteran stand up for what is right. This is the culmination of decades of mistreatment from the Democrats. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt is a prime example of this. She was murdered in cold blood and the Biden administration wants everyone to think that she deserved it.

That’s the story that they have been telling for some time now and they are sticking to it. Our nation’s veterans deserve better than this and we are tired of Biden being the one to deprive them. The Democratic party as a whole has been treating veterans like they are meaningless and it needs to stop now.


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