That’s Your President! White House Staffers Admit They Panic Every Time Biden Gives Public Remarks

White House staffers…..they’re just like us! As it turns out, they are just as worried when Biden speaks as we are. These people cringe every time that he opens his mouth. We had a feeling that this was the case and now we are happy to see them admit it. They are terrified that he is going to speak without adhering to the carefully prepared notes that he has been handed.

That’s understandable enough. They have even coined a phrase: “carefully orchestrated messaging.” The staffers that are responsible for watching over him are even admitting that they cannot handle watching his speeches. They have to put them on mute. The anxiety is simply too much for them to bear.

Biden’s been known for his gaffes for some time now but things are getting worse. The days of being able to pin them on his stutter are long over. He’s clearly got dementia now and it is hard to ignore. The remarks that are being made say it all. They speak absolute volumes.

“It’s not that they’re indifferent to what their boss has to say. Indeed, their livelihoods are directly invested in it. Rather, they’re filled with anxiety that he’s going to take questions from the press and veer off the West Wing’s carefully orchestrated messaging,” said Alex Thompson of Politico.

“I know people who habitually don’t watch it live for that reason,” adds one of the current Biden administration officials. “NEW: When Biden gives public remarks, some White House staffers will either mute him or turn off his remarks. It’s not indifference. It’s anxiety,” Thompson tweeted. Biden advisors are also losing their will to go on with this whole awful charade.

Maybe this is the guilt from rigging an election rearing its ugly head. Biden’s dementia has created a presidency where the leader of the free world is now afraid to answer questions without sticking to a script that has been carefully prepared on his behalf.

In fact, this man will even claim that he is going to get into trouble if he veers away from the “carefully orchestrated messaging”. Biden’s so worried about getting reprimanded by his handlers that he won’t say anything too controversial. The craziest part is that he still says and does awful things all of the time!

We have seen it ourselves. This is the same man who could not handle being in the same location with Boris Johnson and his wife without making ridiculous comments about the crush he clearly has on her. We just wonder if the tens of millions of people who were silly enough to cast a vote for him are also pressing the mute button.

Biden might have gotten into power because people believed that a career politician would be a better choice than Trump. They convinced themselves that his lack of experience was the big problem here. Little did they know! Biden is behaving like someone who has no idea how to run a country. Isn’t that rich?

Trump was supposed to be the inexperienced buffoon but Biden has beaten him out in all regards. In all reality, he is not the career politician that he pretends to be. He’s coasted off name value for a very long time now and has no idea what the American people need. His finger is far, far away from the pulse and it has been jammed squarely up his backside for as long as we can remember.

Could you imagine how ugly things would get if Biden was actually allowed to answer questions off the cuff? He would have already stepped in it many times over by now. He couldn’t even handle simple campaigning without blowing up at people who were asking legitimate questions. That’s the only reason why he was even able to win in the first place: the pandemic kept him from having to speak in public. The White House staffers are in for a long four years.


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