Adam Schiff Demands More Censorship on the “Truth” About COVID

Adam Schiff wouldn’t know what truth looks like if it slapped him across the face. Yet, that won’t stop him from making demands of everyone else.

The Democratic Representative from California has officially sent off letters to both Facebook and Amazon to urge them to remove content that promotes alleged COVID-19 misinformation.

Here’s the problem. Misinformation is EVERYWHERE. And, there are a lot of disagreements on what misinformation looks like. Are posts where people are complaining about getting the vaccine misinformation? Nope, it’s just people venting their frustrations. Yet, Facebook will be all too happy to flag it as misinformation and send that person’s account to Facebook jail.

All across Amazon, there are sellers selling home COVID tests for thousands of dollars. Is this misinformation? Nope, it’s just price-gouging on those who are trying to find out if they’re positive or negative.

What Schiff is asking of Facebook and Amazon won’t actually change things or help things.

If Schiff is looking to put an end to the pandemic, he has to work with the various health departments.

People don’t need to be told to wear a mask. People don’t need to be vaccinated against their will.

What we do need is access to fast testing. Right now, most people across the U.S. struggle to get the basics – an appointment for a lab-confirmed COVID test or a home COVID test from the local drug store.

No one is suffering in the pandemic because of a bit of misinformation on Facebook or Amazon. This is all a ploy to help the Democrats make demands for everyone to get vaccinated.

There’s also a keyword that we have to pay attention to: alleged. It is allegedly misinformation that is on Facebook or Amazon…but who is supposed to make that determination? After all, the chief medical advisor to the President can’t even figure out how to tell the truth. If Dr. Fauci can’t be trusted, how are we supposed to trust Facebook bots to tell us what is and isn’t the truth about COVID?

Adam Schiff explained that vaccine hesitancy is what stands in the way of us and the end of the pandemic. Hmmm. Well, perhaps if Kamala Harris hadn’t told the country that if Trump told her to get vaccinated, she wouldn’t get the vaccination. Now that we have Biden telling us to get vaccinated, there’s that same level of hesitancy.

Words matter, Mr. Schiff.

He explains, “Research has shown that combatting anti-vaccine conspiracies by posing factual and counter-factual information as opposing, but equal viewpoints are ineffective at combatting misinformation and disinformation.”

He’s referring to a study conducted by the University of Washington that shows how algorithms on Amazon boost not only misleading products but also sensationalism. Over 10% of the results conducted for vaccine-related searches on Amazon produce alleged health misinformation.

There’s that word again. Either it is misinformation or it’s not. If Schiff cannot prove that it is misinformation and only that it is allegedly misinformation, he really can’t request that anything be taken down.

His whole argument is to help support that the Democratic government wants to overstep its boundaries and demand that each and every American gets vaccinated.

People have a right to discuss the vaccine, its efficacy, the efficacy of booster shots, and question whether it’s right for them or not. Schiff wants to end those arguments and ensure that online platforms are only allowing data that the Democratic Party has approved.

The Democrats are not the most trustworthy bunch. They have caused us to question everything they say or do because they have lied in the past. They have been caught lying throughout the pandemic. And yet, they want to control Facebook and Amazon.

Welcome to Biden’s America. You don’t get a say on what goes into your body and you don’t get the right to determine misinformation on your own. They will control everything, down to what is and isn’t true online.


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