Surprise! Report Confirms Biden Followed Teacher Union’s Vaccine Demands Not Science

The criteria that was used for President Joe Biden’s plan to make vaccinations mandatory for tens of millions of American workers was shaky, to say the least. This was before we found that the mandates are not being enforced in an equal and fair manner. Employees of the United States Postal Service are included in the mandate but they are not being told to get vaccinated.

Instead, they are being “encouraged”. It all makes sense when you realize that the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has opposed vaccinations for their members publicly. These unions are also well known for providing plenty of donations to Democrat candidates.

Nobody in the mainstream media was taking the time to put 2 and 2 together. At long last, Nicholas Riccardi of the Associated Press has decided to probe a bit more. He examined the split that these unions are experiencing and spoke with a wide range of administration officials and union spokespeople.

Meanwhile, as we take a closer look at the rest of Big Labor? There are a number of divisions that are not going to go away. The American Federation of Teachers opposed the mandates initially but they have been brought into the fold now. The National Nurses Union, on the other hand, supports the mandates all the way.

Oregon police and firefighter unions are in the process of filing suit to block their mandates. Once Riccardi starts to examine the ties between the unions and the Democratic party, that’s where things start to get really interesting. The Biden administration has a funny habit of handling the unions that donate to them with kid gloves. This excerpt from Riccardi’s reporting is a fascinating read:

“Unions are a key part of the Democratic Party, and Biden has embraced them to burnish his blue-collar, middle-class image. Dissent in Biden’s own coalition may make it especially hard for him to implement new vaccination requirements. Some unions representing federal workers already objected to his push for inoculation among the U.S. government workforce, saying such matters involving new workplace requirements and discipline need to be negotiated at the bargaining table.

In a sign of the importance of the issue to the Biden administration, the White House reached out to union presidents before Biden announced his new policy Thursday and will continue to check in with labor leaders, said an administration official, who insisted on anonymity to discuss forthcoming plans.”

Biden had a sit down with all of the labor unions ahead of time. From the looks of it, those that supported his mandates faced the public and offered up their loyalty. The ones that did not were quietly given a pass. If you have enough influence with the Democratic Party (by providing donations), you are going to be able to sidestep the mandates with relative ease.

This is the same Biden White House that claimed they were following the science. Now, they are consulting with labor unions about the best plan to combat the virus, as opposed to the doctors who have given their entire lives over to studying. The mandates were supposed to put a major dent in the number of Americans who are unvaccinated.

How is that going to work when the United States Postal Services, whose ranks have swelled to half a million, are exempt already. This sets a terrible precedent. Police unions are also standing in opposition to the mandates but they are not being given the same treatment. Maybe if they were willing to donate some money to the Democrats, that might change!

There’s no science involved here. Biden does not care about any of that. This is all political grandstanding at this point. He wants the progressives to feel as if he has put his foot down. That’s the sole objective here. Biden does not care if anyone is vaccinated….unless you are from a union that hasn’t sent its kickback payment to the head of the crime syndicate!


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