Just to Clarify…NOBODY Needs the China Virus Booster Shot…Here’s why…Be In the Know

Whether you got yourself vaccinated for safety reasons, due to peer pressure, or to keep from losing your job of 20 years, you’re good for now. When booster vaccines started hitting local pharmacies, even if someone had just received their second dose of the initial vaccine a week prior, they were hightailing it down to CVS. Now experts are saying it’s okay if you did that, but you didn’t need to and you probably shouldn’t have.

A group of international scientists, along with two U.S. regulators, determined that unless a person has pre-existing medical complications, the additional jab isn’t needed. Even with the Delta variant making a mess of things the initial rounds of shots are still effective enough to keep the vaccinated out of harm’s way.

The team concluded that “Even in populations with fairly high vaccination rates, the unvaccinated are still the major drivers of transmission.” They believe the booster is being prematurely pushed on people who are rolling up their sleeves out of the fear they’ve bought into, when in fact, they should skip the booster shot and go about their daily routine.

Politicians around the globe, none with scientific experience, are still wrestling with whether or not to even offer the booster shot. Biden promised to eradicate COVID-19 by “following the science,” but like many world leaders, science is outpacing them and they can’t keep up. As a result, they’re continually being contradicted by the experts.

Drs. Phil Krause and Marion Gruber with the Food and Drug Administration were among virology scientists from the U.S., France, Britain, India, and South Africa. They were joined by an additional team of scientists from the World Health Organization. The WHO has pleaded with political leaders to keep their booster vaccines under lock and key for the time being. They believe the focus should be on getting poorer countries better vaccinated first, or in time, we could find ourselves having to battle the virus all over again, and it’ll be returning with an army of mutants.

Despite the WHOs recommendation to hold off for now, the White House is planning a full-fledged booster campaign to begin in late September. But this is only if the FDA gives them the green light. They’re planning to huddle up prior to the campaign’s start and much will be determined by what the FDA can uncover from the recent report. In particular, Pfizer is under the microscope due to several unfavorable reports from people who have already received it.

Larry Gostin, an attorney and public health specialist at Georgetown University said the report “throws gasoline on the fire.” “It’s always a fundamental error of process to make a scientific announcement before the public health agencies have acted and that’s exactly what happened here,” he said. The White House prematurely shot its political wad with no concern for the booster vaccines’ necessity or safety. Biden’s quest to attain hero status took priority, but who’s surprised?

Pfizer and Moderna boosters are already on tap for anyone with a severe chronic condition or a weakened immune system, but the plan to jab it into every American’s arm might have just hit a roadblock.

To get vaccinated in the first place should be a matter of personal choice. But as the days progress the option to decide for one’s self is being slowly eradicated by an increasing number of mandates, kind of like, dare we say…Communism. Federal employees, including the military, teachers, hospital workers, school bus drivers, and even many private employees, have been mandated to get the shots or hit the highway. This. Is. Not. A. Viable. Option.

Not that a whole lot of our readers were even considering the booster vaccine anyway, but for those who might be, we can only offer this one single piece of advice. Don’t do it. Not yet anyway. It’s Joe Biden who wants you to take it, but it’s the experts who are telling us to hold up.

Who would you rather listen to?


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