Biden’s Agenda Fully Exposed As Jim Jordan Digs Into the Truth

House Republican Jim Jordan is fed up with Joe Biden attacking the men and women that have sworn their lives to serving their country as border patrol agents. These heroes put their lives on the line every day with the sole purpose of keeping the country safe. They interact with illegals every day, peacefully, because they care for them as well. But when a nutjob like creepy Joe Biden sticks his nose in their business, everything gets terrible for them quickly.

Jordan stands at the top of the bell tower, ringing the alarm about what the enemy is about to do to America’s heroes. Joe Biden wants to punish the men and women at the border for doing their job to serve and protect. But he cannot do it the way he wants. Biden must subvert the system and find another way to fire the people he hates the most.

Joe Biden has issued another executive order requiring companies with more than 100 employees to force them to vaccinate or face atrocious fines. He has also mandated that federal employees take the shot or risk losing their jobs. His mandate gives him the cover and the reason to thin out the southern border so his friends from the south can covertly invade.

Jordan reveals that Biden will fire every agent who has not been vaccinated with the COVID-19 shot. They will show up for work only to be sent home because Biden has terminated their jobs. The socialist president is flexing his muscle since he cannot get everyone to follow his lead.

The two biggest problems with Biden’s mandate are clear. One, that he is taking away the right for a person to take care of their health. And two, he is ignoring the fact that millions of people who have already had the virus do not need a vaccination because they are immune through natural methods. And, the fact that he wants them to vaccinate is nothing more than a power struggle he is having with letting people govern themselves.

The border patrol was provided a quiet memo that their jobs would be terminated if they did not get vaccinated by November of 2021. One person decided that they had had it with Biden and brought the matter to the attention of Jim Jordan. The nameless person is now the new whistleblower telling secrets of the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden largely ignores the illegals. He lets them run around maskless and refuses to enforce immigration laws on them. He even lets them run around unvaccinated like kids robbing a candy store.

Jordan blasted Biden by saying, “The people who have been busting their tails, enforcing our law, doing their job on the border, they’re gonna get fired if they don’t take the vaccine. Meanwhile, for people who break the law and come in here, no big deal, your choice [to take the vaccine], it’s up to you. That is how ridiculous the Biden administration has become.”

Their hypocrisy comes out as Alejandro Mayorkas reveals that they are letting the illegals choose whether or not they want the shot, and Biden gives them a choice but takes it away from legal Americans.

The insanity running through Biden’s head is more than misplaced dementia. He has gone crazy thinking that he can treat one group of people better than another. America stands as a place where all are equal and have the right to choose what is best for their health as long as it does not end another’s life.

Jordan pointed out that “For years and through multiple administrations, it has been difficult to recruit and retain men and women to service in the U.S. Border Patrol. The locations of the job are typically remote and the job is often dangerous and hard.”

The president wants open borders, and he is willing to do whatever he needs to make it happen. Jordan said, “So this is again what is so scary, what is so frightening about this administration, this is what they must want because there is no other conclusion a rational person can reach.”

There can be no other outcome that Biden is working towards. He wants to give the socialists precisely what they want because they are being supported and controlled.


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