Crowd Erupts in Boos When Biden Enters Congressional Baseball Game

Crowd Erupts in Boos When Biden Enters Congressional Baseball Game
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It’s pretty much a given that when the President of the United States enters anywhere, especially a stadium or large venue, the crowd grows wild. They cheer, they clap, they chant positively. I mean, this is our Commander in Chief, after all. His very presence typically inspires patriotism and national pride.

Remember when Donald Trump walked into practically any room? I mean, you could hear, see, feel, and even smell the patriotism in the place.

And yet, when it comes to Democratic President Joe Biden, the same cannot be said.

In fact, when he walks into a stadium and is seen by the crowds, it’s now customary to boo and jeer rather than cheer.

Wednesday evening’s annual congressional baseball game in Washington, D.C., is more than evidence of this. As nearly every video and new reporter can attest to, nearly as soon as Biden is seen by the crowd at Nationals Park, boos erupted, plainly voicing America’s discontent with our sitting president.

Now, one thing to note here, as reporter Steve Cortes from Newsmax pointed out, is that the obvious displeasure of the crowd at seeing Biden in the stadium could have been far worse.

If you haven’t heard, in most stadiums around the nation, “something far more profane is being chanted about him,” as Cortes said.  Three weeks or so ago, the first “F*** Joe Biden” chant was heard in a college football stadium. And since then, its popularity has only spread.

Therefore, Biden might as well thank his lucky stars that he didn’t have to hear that in person, as it was only boos and jeers that welcomed him at the congressional game.

Then again, this did take place in Washington, D.C., which Cortes calls the “bluest of blue cities.”

Here, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Biden were greeted with cheers, as most of the nation’s loudest and most outspoken liberals and Biden fans live and work within the city’s limits. And yet, he was still booed.

Cortes says this is “really, really surprising to me.” And I would agree. I mean, here we are in the heart of the swamp, surrounded by all of his favorites, and still, the voice heard the loudest was one of clear disapproval.

And it seems the jeers and constant boos encouraged Biden to merely make his appearance and rounds of greetings and, then, hightail it out of there. As numerous outlets reported it, Biden went to each dugout, wishing Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike good luck (all maskless, by the way) and then left the stadium.

His visit didn’t even last an hour.

Of course, the crowd didn’t seem too sad to see him go if they even noticed.

The interaction has led those like Fox News’ Sean Hannity to say that Biden is quickly becoming the “most unpopular president to ever serve.” And no, this is not just his personal opinion.

According to a Real Clear Politics survey taken Thursday, a mere 45 percent of America supposedly support and approve of his job performance thus far. Forty-nine percent are in strong disapproval.

And it’s not hard to see why.

From rising inflation, increased energy prices, the ongoing crisis at the southern border, and, of course, the completely mishandled and botched withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan, it seems that Biden’s presidency has been fraught with one tragedy and mismanaged opportunity after another. And that doesn’t even begin to speak of COVID-19 and Biden’s war on the unvaccinated or his mandates that continually trample our God and Constitutional-given freedoms.

When even liberals and devout Trump haters say Biden should have kept his predecessor’s policies in play, it’s saying something.

And now, as if to rub that fact in his face even more, a whole stadium full of people, and likely left-leaning Democrats at that (based on its location), can’t help but boo and jeer at the one man who is supposed to be bringing unity back to America.

Yeah, I’d say it is not looking good for Joe Biden…


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