Arizona is Demanding Answers on the Mismanagement of the Border

Arizona is Demanding Answers on the Mismanagement of the Border
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We know the issues at the southern border. We also know that Kamala Harris doesn’t lose any sleep over the fact that she hasn’t done anything to help the issue.

Texas’ Greg Abbott has been all over the issue. He’s gone toe-to-toe with the Department of Homeland Security. However, Texas isn’t the only border state dealing with illegal migrants shoving their way into the country.

Arizona is dealing with a problem, too – and they’re not about to sit back and watch as the Biden administration does nothing. Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich has called the administration out on their mismanagement of the border. More specifically, be penned a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, for a list of officials and agents who were “given the options of retirement or reassignment” since Biden took office.

Essentially, Brnovich is calling the Biden administration out on their shady practices. They helped to shove DHS officials out of their positions so that the border could be mismanaged with ease. Convenient, right? Get the DHS officials to retire or get reassigned and, then, let thousands of migrants enter at the southern border.

Brnovich identified the biggest problem. “At a time when we need them most, DHS seems to be purging qualified leaders who have attempted to uphold the rule of law.” He went on to say that doing such things has led to more chaos and has also empowered the cartels of Mexico to control both sides of the southern border.

We’re faced with historic numbers of migration. Tens of thousands of people are entering the country – and it doesn’t seem as though the Biden administration cares. That’s just more potential voters, right?

Many former officials have been reassigned once they identified that there were problems with the overall immigration – and the way in which things were being enforced. DHS directives have been counterproductive, to say the least. Deportations have been halted and ICE arrests have been dramatically reduced. How is this helping the problem? It’s not…and that’s what’s leading to the border crisis.

According to data released by Customs and Border Protection, over 1.3 million migrants have encountered border officials between January and August of this year. There are more migrants than the officials can handle – and that’s why there are so many migrants entering the country illegally. They’re not seeking asylum, they’re not receiving documentation, they’re simply ignoring all immigration protocols and making their way into the country.

The worst part it all is that Mayorkas and the rest of the Biden administration seems content to let it happen. They’re rolling out the red carpet and offering them benefits. Well, it’s no wonder why there’s still a steady stream of migrants trying to get into the southern border. They know we’re doing nothing to stop it, so might as well give it a try.

How many states have to demand a fix? How many states have to demand answers?

It’s obvious that illegal immigration is becoming a problem. The cities that sit along the border are experiencing crime as well as a drop in available resources. There’s homelessness and more happening – yet Kamala Harris just sits in DC looking up the root problem. She should stick her head into Biden’s office. That’s the root cause. Within a week of taking seat, Biden wiped out all of the Trump-era immigration policies that helped to keep us protected.

Mayorkas has screwed us all, and Biden helped him do it. What’s worse is that the Biden administration won’t even bother to answer Arizona or Texas as their attorney generals and governors demand action and answers.


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