Democrat Runs So Fast From Questions She Can’t Answer She Actually Almost Died

Democrat Runs So Fast From Questions She Can’t Answer She Actually Almost Died

A long walk off a short pier, root canals, watching your fingernails be removed with pliers, having dinner alone with your mother-in-law … all things it is believed Democrats prefer over answering uncomfortable questions. However, one Democrat took her aversion to nosy reporters to a whole new level and she almost died over it.

A report in the Independent Journal Review told the story of New York State Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn who seemingly forgot herself when asked some tough questions and almost got ran over for her troubles.

Hermelyn is the chairwoman of the Brooklyn Democratic Party in New York City, and that organization is currently in some hot water over a nepotism scandal regarding the city’s Board of Elections (BOE). That particular touchy subject was brought to the forefront of a conversation with the elected official, and it didn’t end well.

According to IJR’s explanation of the state political structure, “While the BOE in NYC is never a particularly functional organ of city government — witness the ranked-choice voting debacle in this year’s mayoral primary — it’s now engulfed in a controversy regarding who’s being appointed to plum positions in the BOE hierarchy.”

Leaders in both parties are given sway over how the elections are run, but sources who talked to New York City cable news outlet NY1 said “the top positions are divided up among party leadership. So, behind the scenes, the top-level jobs with the highest pay are doled out to certain county leaders and organizations to appoint.”

So, to say that Hermelyn is a big part of this issue would be an understatement. However, according to NY1’s Courtney Gross, Hermelyn initially agreed to an interview on the subject but later retracted. Gross, not one to be dissuaded from getting a scoop, decided to do a little footwork and put pressure on the assemblywoman by following her to a fundraiser.

But Hermelyn wasn’t having it. According to Tuesday’s account of the events by Gross, Hermelyn took to the streets and crossed Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. For those of us who aren’t natives of the area, it’s worth noting that Flatbush is one of the major “arteries” in the Brooklyn borough area, carrying massive amounts of North/South traffic. Running into the middle of the street to avoid a reporter isn’t only inadvisable for one’s political image, it’s incredibly dangerous.

Was it because the assemblywoman would rather get hit by a car than answer the questions? In her statement, Hermelyn cited “unprofessional behavior and reportorial tactics” on the part of Gross that prompted her decision to split from the interview and insinuated Gross’ frustration with her exit was due, at least in part, to racism.

“Courtney Gross questioned if I was related to a black Board of Elections Commissioner with a similar name based on an unfounded tip,” she said, according to the Daily Mail, claiming a “simple fact-check would have confirmed that we are not related. Still, she continued her pursuit of the false story. This agitating behavior perturbed me, and when I refused to engage in an interview at the breakfast event for that reason, she continued to follow and question me, then filmed me leaving.”

And then came the racism allegation: “Although Courtney may not have been aware of it, black people still experience the ‘you all look alike to me’ portrayal, often with harrowing consequences. I advise that Courtney take cultural competency training classes.”

In other words, because Gross followed up on a tip about a possible familial connection between two people involved in a major case that the reporter was tasked with covering, it’s racist because the person being asked didn’t like it. Asking a person if they’re related because “you all look alike” is a far cry from “your last names are almost the same.”


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