Biden Makes Blatant Attempt to Gaslight Americans About ‘Progress’ by Administration

Biden Makes Blatant Attempt to Gaslight Americans About ‘Progress’ by Administration
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One need only head to the gas pumps to be reminded of the nosedive that the American economy has taken over the past few years. The price of virtually everything we as Americans buy on a regular basis has gone up, some of it has doubled or even tripled over the past 18 months. Some of that is due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the nation, but the vast majority of the issues seem to be based on devastating economic decisions.

That’s not the information coming out of the White House, however. President Joe Biden is absolutely determined that people believe that he is doing a wonderful job as president. This is no big surprise considering how American politics typically work (aka, job security depends on either how well you do or how well you lie).

According to a report in the Independent Journal Review, Biden claims that the September jobs report, which sent a shockwave through economic experts, is actually proof of “steady progress” for the American economy.

The Dow Jones expected the economy to continue its push to regain what was lost during COVID and bring back around half a million jobs in the month of September. The actual report showed that only about 194,000 jobs were added during that period, and even newscasters were dumbfounded over the incredible shortfall.

Biden, however, delivered remarks on the abysmal report on Friday saying that “Today’s report is based on a survey that was taken during the week of September the 13th… when Covid cases were averaging more than 150,000 per day. Right now, things in Washington are, as you all know, awfully noisy. Turn on the news and every conversation is a confrontation. Every disagreement is a crisis. But when you take a step back and look at what’s happening, we’re actually making real progress. Maybe it doesn’t seem fast enough.”

Biden continued, “I’d like to see it faster, and we’re going to make it faster.” Basically saying that yes, things are terrible, but really, it’s the best we could do, saying we have “consistent, steady progress,” adding, “We’re making progress on funding the government and raising the debt limit.”

The trouble with Biden’s assertion is that even the people who are trying to cover their mistakes, like Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, are comparing the numbers to some of the greatest economic losses in national history, some of which devastated the country with loss and saw Americans die due to hunger and lack of basic necessities.

Walsh told Yahoo Finance that it really wasn’t “as bad as what everyone is report[ing]. If you compare it to the Great Recession, it took us until 2016 to get under 5% [unemployment] in the Great Recession. In this particular case, the president and the administration, we’ve done it in about 19, 20 months.”

The labor secretary also said, supposedly in an effort to make viewers feel better about the nation’s chances, that “other economies all over the world, they’re in the same situation: people not participating, people not coming back to work. So we still have work to do here.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on the Democratic agenda during her statement, saying that this report is evidence “of the need for Democrats’ jobs-creating Build Back Better agenda.” She stressed the plan “will be transformative for America’s workers and middle class. We must Build Back Better for jobs.”

Essentially, the economy is bottoming out, and there doesn’t seem to be any plan of action to fix it. The trajectory is downward, and we’re putting our foot on the gas.


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