About Us

The liberal media will only tell people what they want them to hear. They make it their mission to censor the truth and feed the nation the poison of liberal ideology. Our mission at Real American Pundit is to provide people with the truth. We strive to expose the fraud and the lies of mainstream media. 

The way that we expose the liberal media is by digging into the news and more. The stories that are reported on are checked and researched, so you get the conservative side of the story. The liberals want an America that is void of the truth and a people that depend on them for life. That is not what America stands for.

At Real American Pundit, you will find articles and news relevant to forming your own opinion about essential matters in politics and more. We bring out the conservative side, so you know what is truly going on. The news we report matters to us, and we know that it matters to you. 

We believe in a conservative ideology that makes sense. You will not find commonsense reporting in the mainstream media, but you will find it at Real American Pundit. You will be equipped with the truth, so you can stand up against the evils the liberal left keeps throwing at the American way of life. America is great because of the people that hold to conservative ideals and are not afraid to live them.

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